How do we sign up?

Teachers are able to sign up right now.  Selected teachers will then have to submit two payments to secure their position. The first payment will be due November 9th and the second payment will be made February 1st.  

What are the dates of the trip?

July 6-21

What are the anticipated costs?

The cost for the trip will be approximately $4400.  You will be responsible for booking your flight and arriving in Quito and so this cost will vary depending on your location.  All of the breakfasts will be covered but many of the lunches and dinners on the Galapagos will be on your own.  

Will we each fly to Ecuador separately?


Can I get college credit?


Can my spouse come?

Yes.  (this was the most common question)

Do you know of any grants that might fund this?

Your school district may have travel grants for professional development.  We won’t be organizing any formal fundraising opportunities but we will support you if you need any documentation.

Do you need help organizing the trip?

No thanks.  Spanish speakers are always helpful.

What additional vaccinations are needed?

Teachers selected for the trip should visit their healthcare professional 4-6 weeks before leaving for Ecuador for any necessary vaccinations, as well as a prescription for an antimalarial drug (if desired).

If there are too many teachers who are interested, how will you decide which ones will go?

We will bring no more than 24 travellers (including ourselves) on the trip.  The first priority in selection will be financial.  However we will also try to bring individuals that would enjoy this trip (see below) and so there may be some discretion in selection.    

Are you only looking for biology teachers?  

All teachers are welcome, but the trip will focus on the natural sciences and will be guided by two biology teachers.

Can college students come along?


Is there a chance we can go diving in the Galapagos?

You will be responsible for organizing the dive but there will be several opportunities.

Who would be most likely to enjoy this trip?

We will have many activities planned that will require some level of physical fitness. Several hikes will be scheduled over steep terrain at relatively high altitude or in the tropical rain forest, extended periods of snorkeling and/or swimming, kayaking, and mountain biking. You don’t have to be a triathlete, but your enjoyment of the trip will probably be contingent on participating in these activities.

We hope that you are the type of person that likes to discuss educational practice, pedagogy, etc. One of the nice things about going with a group of adults is that we will be able to partake in activities that aren’t necessarily ‘kid-friendly’ (read: evening cocktails!). 

With the exception of Sacha Lodge (a spectacular jungle resort!) our hotels will be basic, but all with private baths and hot showers, and sometimes with internet, although it can be very spotty in the Galapagos under the best of conditions. We have stayed at the following places in the past, and expect to stay in similar places for our trip: Three nights here for sure. This is our base in Quito.  Our hotel on Isabella (hopefully!)

Double rooms will be assumed, and many of the places we stay only offer doubles - a single option might not even be possible and would certainly increase your cost significantly. In order to find a rooming companion, we will collect bios from those looking for roommates with contact numbers so you can get in touch with each other. Hopefully you are the type of person who flexible and willing to interact with similarly minded individuals.