Speaking Topics

Paul Andersen provides training on a variety of educational topics.  He will meet with you before visiting your school to customize the training for your needs.  Past topics have included:

Unlocking the Power of the NGSS
The Next Generation Science Standards represent the largest conceptual shift in teaching science in decades.  The addition of engineering design and an increased emphasis on the practices of science could revolutionize science education.  However this revolution will only occur if teachers understand the standards and make changes in their classrooms.  In this workshop Paul Andersen will guide you through the standards while giving you concrete examples that can change science classrooms immediately. 

Effective Classroom Design
Although the scientific method allows us to unlock the secrets of the universe it falls short in providing solutions to difficult problems, like effective instruction.  A more appropriate solution can be found in the process of design.  In this session Paul will explain how he has used design to improve various elements in his classroom.  The most important element he has changed is himself.  

The Blended Learning Cycle
The flipped classroom movement has forced many teachers to reexamine their pedagogy.  Replacing classroom lectures with videos may free up classroom time but how can this extra time be used effectively? Paul Andersen will show you how he has made the shift by combining elements of the learning cycle with blended instruction. 

Other Topics as requested