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Website for Conference - Liberty Leads Conference 2014


Blended Learning in the Math & Science Classroom
9 am – 10 am - Liberty North 107

Blending instruction in a lab-based or activity-based classroom is difficult but it is not impossible. Paul Andersen will show you how he has made the shift by combining elements of the learning cycle with blended instruction.

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All the Way to 11: Ed Tech that Really Works

10:30 am – 12 pm - LNHS Performing Arts Theatre

Paul Andersen will describe educational technology that not only works but (in the words of Spinal Tap) goes all the way to eleven. The tour begins with simple technology (like videos and websites) that teachers can immediately use and builds to powerful tools that place the student at the center of instruction.

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Leveraging Technology to Shift to a Student-Centered Classroom

1 pm – 3 pm

Liberty North 107

Hands-On. BYOD. Paul Andersen will share several tools he has used to shift from a passive, teacher-centered learning environment to an active, student-centered learning environment. Teachers should bring their device and a simple lesson that they would like to blend and they will leave with something they can use when school starts in the fall

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