YouTube Next Edu Gurus

I was recently selected as one of 10 YouTube Next Edu Gurus.  I spent three days at YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, California.  Each of the gurus received training, a $1000 B&H giftcard, and the ability to meet with internet celebrities like Sal Khan, ViHart, Hank Green and many others.  It was an incredible experience and my head is still spinning.

YouTube is clearly positioned well to enter into the education sphere.  However there are still many roadblocks (school filtering and sustainability) that stand in the way.  This was clearly a first step at addressing many of these issues.  I was very impressed by everyone I worked with at YouTube.  They are not only talented but they are willing to listen.

Many of the other gurus are just getting started on YouTube, but their content is astounding (totally jealous).  
Take a minute to visit some of their pages to get the ball rolling.  Tell them Paul at bozemanscience sent you.  

My First Image Map*

*Click on the picture or the name below to visit individual guru YouTube pages.  Photo courtesy of Alex Dainis. The two non-gurus "bookends" are Annie and Austin from YouTube.  Thanks guys.